Trust GXT 108 Rava Gaming Mouse Review – Comfortable, Bright and Inexpensive

Trust GXT 108 Rava is a very budget gaming mouse that can be purchased for 700-800 rubles. Features include backlighting, DPI toggle button, long braided cable and rubberized finish for ease of use. Read more about the model in the review below.

Mouse Trust GXT 108 Rava Illuminated

Trust Gaming Mouse GXT 108 Rava, USB, 600-2000dpi, Illuminated, Black 220 …
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Mouse Trust GXT 108 Rava (22090)
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Mouse Trust GXT 108 Rava USB, 600-2000dpi, Illuminated, black
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Gaming mouse Trust GXT 108 Rava (22090)
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990 ₽

Mouse Trust Gaming GXT 108 Rava, USB, 600-2000dpi, 6 but, Illuminated, Black (22090)
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22090 Mouse Trust GXT 108 Rava Backlit Gaming Mouse (20/480)
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Mouse type: optical
Number of buttons: 5 + 1 (scroll wheel)
DPI resolution: 600-2000
Cable length: 1.7 meters
Connection type: USB
Weight: 111 grams
Size: 122 * 88 * 34mm
Features: backlight
Trust GXT 108 Rava

Trust GXT 108 Rava is packed in a regular black cardboard box with a list of useful information about the device and manufacturer, as well as the mouse itself. Inside is an information booklet, a sticker and my review.

Trust GXT 108 Rava looks like a standard gaming mouse. It is black in color, the coating is pleasant to the touch and non-staining. The parameters indicate that this is a rubber designed to provide a comfortable grip.

Trust GXT 108 Rava

The mouse has a backlight. For it, special slots are provided on the body. They form a kind of pattern, and the company logo is also highlighted here.

The shape of the body is symmetrical. There are grooves on the sides for the fingers, which makes the grip more comfortable. There are six buttons here. There is a button for DPI switching under the wheel. Additional navigation is located on the left.

Trust GXT 108 Rava

The model is rather small. For my little palm, it is perfect. Many gaming mice are large, with my thumb it is not always convenient for me to reach the upper side key. Here, both buttons are located perfectly, I have no difficulties in order to get to the right one. This is important in a fast-paced game where a mistake can cost a victory.

Trust GXT 108 Rava

The 1.7 meter cable has been braided. It prevents tangling and makes it more durable. The connection is via USB, the plug is quite massive, so it may interfere with connecting any device to the adjacent connector if it is located close.

I have no complaints about the build quality, materials and ergonomics. Moreover, I like the size of this model, as most often gaming mice seem massive and not very comfortable to me.

Trust GXT 108 Rava

Trust GXT 108 Rava is a gaming model. The manufacturer himself points out among its features a backlight, a DPI switch button, a long cable and a rubberized surface. That is, they do not promise anything supernatural, but simply note that this is a comfortable mouse with backlight and the ability to switch speeds. And this statement is completely true.

The connection is simple. Just insert the plug into the USB connector and the mouse will be ready for use. It does not need software or drivers, no settings are provided.

The mouse has a pretty bright and nice backlight. Colors change spontaneously, this process cannot be controlled. Conventionally, all highlighted areas are divided into four zones and they change their color sequentially (there are seven colors in total).

Trust GXT 108 Rava

In operation, the mouse behaves quite adequately. She responds to clicks in time, changes the speed when switching DPI. This, by the way, is not accompanied by any visual effects, so you need to guess intuitively by checking the speed of the cursor movement. There are four of them here – 600, 1200, 1600, 2000 DPI.

In my opinion, the lowest options are not very effective. Even in sniper mode, where you need to very accurately aim at the smallest objects, targeting accuracy suffers due to the speed of the reaction. You can aim, only the enemy will have time to hide. It is optimal (in my opinion) to set 1600-2000 DPI in order to get comfort in the game or during normal use.

Trust GXT 108 Rava

In general, this device can hardly be called gaming in terms of behavior in games. In fact, Trust GXT 108 Rava differs from a regular mouse only in the presence of a speed switch, design and backlighting. The sensations from using this model and a regular office one are the same. Is it a minus? For such a low price tag – no.

  1. I also want to note that the sound of pressing the buttons seemed to me rather quiet. For some users, this can be a plus.
    about 700 rubles. For this money, it pleases with an excellent assembly, good ergonomics and pleasant lighting. From a gaming point of view, it is difficult to get any profit from it. It fits perfectly for everyday use. Moreover, due to its shape, it is more convenient than many other mice, although this, of course, is subjective.
  2. It should be understood that those who are looking for a truly gaming mouse will simply not look at such an inexpensive price tag. Those who expect to get cool features in a cheap device should look at things more realistically and understand that prices do not come from the ceiling. Therefore, I think that this mouse turned out to be excellent for its price tag, especially if we consider it as ordinary, but with a bright appearance.

As a result, I would recommend buying the Trust GXT 108 Rava model for those who need a similar shape, illumination or just a bright appearance, but gaming characteristics are not particularly important. It will be a good option for those who just work at a PC for a long time or for a child who wants a bright gaming mouse. It is not a shame to present it, as it does not look cheap, and if the baby can “kill” her in a month, it will not be so offensive.
Trust GXT 108 Rava costs approx

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