The best Simpsons games

The animated series The Simpsons conquered television since 1989, and even to this day, new series are being released. Unfortunately, the gaming industry is not interested in adapting it, but still games based on this universe came out, and we selected the best of them.

The Simpsons: Cartoon Studio

A simulator in which players can create their own cartoon series. For this, an editor with characters, music, sounds, decorations is available. At the beginning, the gamer needs to choose a background, and then arrange the characters and props. To complete the scene, you need to register a dialogue. In general, in The Simpsons: Cartoon Studio it is very easy to feel like a director.

Overall, critics gave the game a good rating. They note that it is “an amazing simulator with which you can make a great cartoon episode.” In total, The Simpsons: Cartoon Studio has 17 characters, 50 special effects, 270 decorations, 35 backgrounds, an extensive set of actions. Moreover, the actors who voiced the characters in the original gave their voices to the favorites here too.

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The simpsons wrestling

An arcade fighting game exclusive to PlayStation 1. The game is a parody of wrestling. After choosing one of 18 characters (Homer Simpson, Marge, Bumblebee Man, Willie the Gardener, and so on), the player will go to the arena and fight a computer opponent. Each hero has a set of combo attacks and unique abilities.

The locations are based on the original cartoon, and fans will surely recognize all the locations. You can play alone or with a friend, fighting with him behind one screen. The original voice actors also donated their voices to the computer characters.

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The Simpsons: Road Rage

A little-known game based on the Simpsons in the genre of arcade racing simulator. The game is similar to the popular Crazy Taxi at the time. Gamers are invited to choose one of 17 characters, each with its own unique car.

In The Simpsons: Road Rage, you will feel like a real taxi driver. The gameplay includes transporting various passengers around Springfield in a limited time. You need to pick up the client and help him get to a certain place at all costs: you can ram other cars, use improvised springboards, knock down lights, hydrants.

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The simpsons hit & run

One of the best Simpsons games I’ve personally wiped out. This is an action adventure with elements of an arcade car simulator. The game can be safely called “GTA in the world of the Simpsons”. It tells about the life of Homer Simpson’s family and about the ridiculous situations that our hero, as well as his wife and children, find themselves in.

According to the plot, the aliens Kang and Kodos, having arrived in Springfield, decided to shoot their reality show. The participants in it were all residents of the town against their will. To diversify their transmission, the aliens poured Buzz Cola into the reservoir, and as a result, all residents went mad. The player in the role of various heroes will have to save the city.

The gamer will have to play for each member of the Simpsons family, as well as for Apu Nahasapimapetilion. They allow you to move freely around the city in transport or on your own two, complete optional missions, fight pedestrians, run away from the police, collect cards, destroy objects of the surrounding world, complete tests, buy new suits and cars … As mentioned above, this is “GTA about the Simpsons. ”

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The simpsons game

Adventure third-person action game. The plot is filled with various events: the game begins with Homer Simpson traveling through a chocolate country in his dream. While he is enjoying his dreams, a new video game “Grand Theft Scratchy” is brought to Springfield, which is particularly cruel. Bart Simpson learns that he and his family members have superpowers. In general, you will definitely not get bored!

The gameplay includes the passage of linear levels in which you will fight with various enemies. In each mission you control one of two characters, but you can switch. Each has its own abilities:

Homer can eat anything;
Bart turns into Bartman;
Lisa stuns enemies with a saxophone;
Marge is able to control people by screaming.
Critics highlighted excellent graphics, intriguing storyline, humor and gameplay, but they didn’t like the length of the game – it was too short.

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Lego dimensions

Lego is a game that collects many different universes, including the world of the Simpsons. The player will have to collect some Elements with which you can control the universe. These include: the ring of Omnipotence (from the Lord of the Rings), ruby ​​shoes (from the Wizard of OZ), a cake (from the Portal series), a radioactive rod (from Cmpsons) and others. You have to walk through the universes of these franchises and get the items you need.

The player will have to experience an adventure in Springfield, playing as Homer Simpson, who went on a “Mysterious Journey”. There are also levels where you play as Bart Simpson and Krusty the Clown.

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