The best games in the One Piece series

This game is made with love for the source and respect for the fans. The player can take on the role of any member of the Straw Hats, and the storyline for Unlimited World Red was written by Eiichiro Oda, the original manga artist. Set in the Forgotten Isles, this action RPG takes Luffy and his crew to face many of the franchise’s biggest villains. At the same time, it cannot be said that UWR does not add anything of its own, because Oda created several new characters specially for her. Just look at those cute Patos, raccoon dogs in pink raincoats.

On the Island of Promises, you can organize your headquarters, and the local town can be developed by building shops, factories, restaurants and pharmacies. Perhaps the economic simulator is not the first thing that comes to mind when you mention One Piece, but in fact it is more fun than it sounds.


One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3

A great way to brush up on all the main story events of the franchise if you’ve forgotten them already (or even seeing One Piece for the first time in your life). The game, like the original, begins in Fusia Village and follows the storyline until the Dressrosa Arc, where the player will face off against the famous One Piece villain, Donquixote Doflamingo.

One of the best features of the game is how it uses the gameplay format of Dynasty Warriors: to complete a piece of the map, the player must destroy a great variety of enemies, which fits well into the framework of the franchise, where the Straw Hats regularly have to confront crowds of marines and bandits of all stripes. And if you find Pirate Warriors 3 too difficult, then a friend can always come to the rescue, because there is a cooperative mode here.


One Piece: Burning Blood

Burning Blood will appeal to fans of the Great War as it brings one of One Piece’s most brutal story arcs to life. Players get access to 44 unique characters, and cel-shading makes the game look very close to anime. In terms of gameplay, she borrowed some elements from the Grand Battle !, in which the characters fought one-on-one in three-dimensional rings.

But what sets Burning Blood apart from the rest of the series is its combat mechanics, built around the abilities of Devil Fruit and Will. It is extremely important to be able to predict the moment when the enemy will use his abilities, and in time to “surrender” his. Especially when fighting characters like Whitebeard.


One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4

The fourth part of the Pirate Warriors series could please fans only by the fact that the game also visited the PC, but the list of advantages was not limited to this – this is a highly rated slasher with fighting game elements, the actions of which unfold in the same universe. The continuation of the story that began in the third part affects several arcs of the original anime (Alabasta, Enies Lobby, Dressrosa, Whole Cake Island and others), and the player will also go on blood-warming adventures with his favorite characters.

Compared to the third part, the gameplay has undergone minor changes. Thus, the set of attacks has become more diverse, more attention has been paid to “air” battles, and “giant characters” have also appeared, and they act not only as enemies, but also as playable characters (for example, Big Mom and Kaido). For the rest, the developers did not experiment, leaving the main feature (spectacular combat system) in place, adding content and tightening up the graphics.


One Piece: World Seeker

The One Piece anime universe is one of the few (if not the only) ones that boasts quality game designs. You probably already understood this when you read about Pirate Warriors, but there is another candidate – this is World Seeker, which was released in 2019.

This time, the original plot is proposed: Luffy abandons his adventures and goes to Prison Island, where mysterious things are happening. Old friends will help him figure out what is happening, and, of course, old enemies will make it difficult for him to travel.

World Seeker differs from its predecessors in the presence of RPG elements – for example, there is a full-fledged open world that you can explore on your own, as well as grind and craft. And even if not all the mechanics pleased the loyal fans (they scold monotonous battles, controls, the same grind), there were still more advantages (and this is an original plot, impressive anime graphics, a rich world), and therefore we recommend playing as familiar with the universe, and to those who are just beginning this acquaintance.


One Piece: At World’s End

The One Piece series was not without adaptation in the form of a free browser game. In One Piece: At World’s End, players are invited to relive the events already shown in the anime and assemble their team of treasure seekers. The game is notable primarily for the presence of all the characters in the universe who are available for recruitment into the squad and have unique abilities and roles.

Luffy’s adventures are wrapped up in a browser-based MMORPG – so different things await youe quests and events, pumping (including equipment), trips to dungeons (here they are presented in the form of dungeons), simplified battles and PvP activities. The game is undemanding in terms of time (the character can develop offline), and even less capricious to the system requirements of the PC.


One Piece: Unlimited Adventure

Over the course of its existence, the One Piece franchise has acquired a huge amount of interesting lore. Unlimited Adventure is no exception, in which the Straw Hat team roams around a newly discovered island or an island in search of treasures. The dense jungle, snow-capped mountains and underground tunnels are just waiting for their desperate explorers, and the local artifacts, such as the blue sphere found by Luffy, are intriguing enough to keep you playing.

Interest in Unlimited Adventure is added by the modes of survival, in which the player must withstand two hundred different enemies, and a duel, where you can fight with your comrade. The only pity is that this game came out exclusively for the Wii.

Game not available on PC digital services

One Piece: Grand Adventure

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Grand Adventure is a fighting game similar to Burning Blood, only more friendly to newcomers who haven’t followed Luffy’s adventures over the years. It adapts the events of the series prior to the Skypiea Arc and allows you to visit places like Arlong Park, Loguetown and Drum Castle.

By exploring these locations, players will take part in iconic battles and replenish their team with Nami, Zoro, Sanji, Nico and Chopper, who can be used in battles. Such a variety will be very useful in battles with Crocodile and Smoker, weighed down by various special conditions. Overall, the game is hard enough to be a serious skill test.

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