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We decided to compile a list of all the major South Park games and rank them from best to worst, at the same time figuring out if they are worthy of the attention of fans of the animated series.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole

The best South Park game to date. It is similar in many ways to its prequel, The Stick of Truth, but surpasses it at the same time.

The plot continues the story of a newcomer accepted into the company of local children. This time, instead of a clash of fairy kingdoms, we are witnessing the Civil War of superheroes who failed to come to a consensus on the development plans of the franchise.

Despite the fact that many scold TFBW for the excessive abundance of toilet humor and vulgarity, its combat unit received an unexpected development, reaching the level of a serious role-playing game. Actually, it is thanks to this fact that we put this part at the top of the list. After all, you rarely see this in parody games, but as for vulgarity and so on … Did you really expect a godly act from Stone and Parker?


South Park: The Stick of Truth

An RPG set in South Park, in which Trey Parker and Matt Stone went full swing, thanks to which The Stick of Truth managed to preserve the signature humor of the animated series. We meet for the first time the Newbie, a new child character who finds himself in the thick of things with the gnomes, alien abductors and the onset of the apocalypse.

The inability to choose one of the main characters as a hero, however, does not interfere with the process in any way. We already saw this in the 2009 Ghostbusters – you are part of the team, but you still watch the favorites from the sidelines. The graphics and animations perfectly convey those of the original, and the RPG elements add depth to the game.

It can be tough to make a quality video game based on an iconic piece like South Park, but Obsidian Entertainment has done a great job.


South Park: Phone Destroyer

The latest attempt at the moment to release a game based on “South Park” is found on mobile platforms and combines the genres of strategy and CCG, where the cards are the characters of the animated series who fight on the streets of the town.

The motive for the confrontation was the dispute between the children about what to play. Under pressure from Cartman, the game of cowboys and Indians begins, but gradually new rules are introduced, and ninjas, Vikings, knights, superheroes, pirates, astronauts and many other characters join the battle. Naturally, they each have their own abilities and skills.

South Park: Phone Destroyer is a pretty good game that will help pass the time on the subway or before bed, fighting in PvE and PvE. But at the same time, it suffers from the age-old problem of free mobile games – microtransactions. Fortunately, they do not significantly affect the gameplay, and in general the project does not force donation – you can win in skirmishes with the base account.


South Park Let’s Go Tower Defense Play!

In recent years, the tower defense genre has thrived, thanks in large part to mobile gaming. “South Park” did not stand aside either, having received your TD on the Xbox platform, in which you help four boys to restrain the raids of other city residents, such as redheads, cows or gnomes.

At the same time, this is not a classic representative of the genre: instead of methodically building a defense, you directly control your heroes. The graphics are great, and throwing snowballs is really fun. Considering the fact that the authors of the original were involved in the creation, LGTDP! did not remain deprived of South Park’s rude humor

Game not available on PC digital services

South Park: Chef’s Luv Shack

Well, at least Acclaim tried to do something of their own. Chef’s Luv Shack is a multiplayer project in which players compete in mini-games and answer quiz questions, all as part of a show hosted by the Chef.

The game did an excellent job of adapting the cartoon’s greasy jokes and 2D animation. Mini-games include entertainment such as delivering pizza to the townspeople and beating zombie pets with a shovel to gothic music. And it’s all pretty dynamic to play and created with amazing attention to detail.

Of all Acclaim’s three games, Chef’s Luv Shack has stood the test of time the best. Short action sections are cleverly alternated with hilarious quizzes, which, in general, fits the style of the original much more than a shooter or a race.

  • The game is well worth trying. Yes, it’s not the Stick of Truth, but CLS is fun to play.
  • Game not available on PC digital services
    South park

The first video game adaptation of South Park was a first-person adventure game, and your gaming experience could be very different depending on which platform you played on.

For example, the Nintendo 64 version developed by Iguana Entertainment received generally positive reviews., is well preserved to this day. The visual style was slightly altered to suit the game design and differed from the original 2D animation.

The very same gameplay was built around four guys exploring their hometown, fighting turkeys, aliens and other enemies using snowballs, balls and other strange weapons.

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