Sniper: Ghost Warrior series ranked worst to best

Nevertheless, this is not a reason not to try to figure out which of these shooter simulators deserves to be called the best among their own. We’ve compiled a list of all Sniper: Ghost Warrior games, from worst to best. The main criterion was the single player campaign, we did not focus on multiplayer and add-ons.


Warface is a dynamic and constantly evolving online shooter with the ability to look at the world through the scope of a sniper rifle

Sniper: Art of Victory

Art of Victory is a bad game. Sniper shooting, a key mechanic of the game, is broken. The game itself is extremely buggy and most of the weapons don’t work as they should, or don’t work at all. The AI ​​of the opponents is terrible, and the graphics seem to be straight from 2002 instead of 2008. The only plus of the game is its current price tag. Fortunately, other games in the series are not nearly that bad.


Sniper ghost warrior 2

Despite the improved graphics and shooting mechanics, the second part deserves a lower place than the first. Yes, Ghost Warrior now looks outdated and had enough bugs, but it allowed you to do what the sequel could not – in large sniper sections, you can determine the order of objectives and the order of passing tasks. In SGW2, you are led by the handle, pointing out who to remove next. In addition, the player is forced to take up certain shooting positions, although more common sense can often be found.

Of the many other details and mechanics that spoil the experience of the game, it is worth noting the meager arsenal and hard rails along which you have to navigate the mission. Needless to say, good stealth games should limit the player as little as possible in this regard?


Sniper ghost warrior

This game takes third place not because it is better than the previous ones, not at all. It’s just that they’re even worse.

Despite the creepy controls, disgusting dialogue, poor alternative missions (in which you become an attack aircraft, not a sniper) and other shortcomings, Sniper: Ghost Warrior is still a sniper game. Open levels allow you to choose the order and method of eliminating targets yourself. The poor arsenal is still more varied than that in the second part, and here you can even pick up weapons from the ground. Assault missions are terrible, but at least they can be taken as a break from crawling through the bushes with a rifle in hand.

The first SGW cannot be compared to good wine, whose taste only improves over time, but it is in many ways better than its sequel.


Sniper ghost warrior 3

Do not be fooled, despite the second place, this game is not at all great, although it is, nevertheless, somewhat underestimated.

The sniper shooting mechanics are good here. So much so that sometimes you can even turn off the crosshairs in the center of the screen and start aiming “for real”. Each murder, in this case, feels like some kind of achievement. Stealth works well in the open world, and the developers this time again allowed to eliminate targets in random order.

At the same time, it is worth noting that the world around us can hardly be called beautiful, the plot is frankly weak, and the game itself is a copy of all its previous ideas. Only a competent execution of stealthy shooting allows you to put Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 on the second place on our list.


Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts

Surprisingly, the best game in the series is considered, surprisingly, not to any of its numbered parts, but to the spin-off Contracts, which was released in 2019. They abandoned the unsuccessful open world from the third part, presenting huge maps (based on the harsh edges of Siberia), and this clearly went to the advantage of the sniper simulator, and among the innovations can be noted a system of contracts – you have to fulfill orders for murders, competing with other shooters …

The pursuit of AAA status after the triquel stopped – now the game has become easier, but at the same time much better than its predecessors. So, the shooting was somewhat udazualena, and a lot of new gadgets appeared in the arsenal that will help to recreate the unique style of passing. Of the minuses – a small amount of content and strange behavior of AI – until the alarm sounds, the enemies are frankly dull, but in combat readiness they do not allow breathing.


Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts 2

The first Contracts made it clear to the developers in which direction the series should move, and therefore, after the release, they immediately began to create a sequel. Nothing revolutionary is expected – this is still a detailed and realistic sniper simulator with an impressive arsenal, advanced graphics and spacious maps. Of the serious innovations, shooting at an ultra-long range is noted – for example, the player’s targets can be located at a distance of more than 1 km.

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