Mass Effect: The World Changing Space Opera Series

At the time of creation, Mass Effect BioWare was at its height. The studio already had Baldur’s Gate, Neverwinter Nights, Jade Empire and Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic in its portfolio.

Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic

Most likely thanks to the latter, someone in the studio came up with the idea to create another RPG with a space theme. Overall, the fame of KOToR helped Mass Effect gather a loyal audience around it in no time.

MASS EFFECT 1 (2007)
The first game in the series was in many ways unique to the gaming industry at the time. She was able to show players that Western RPGs can be immersive and thoughtful without having to read miles of text of dialogue. The emphasis was placed on entertainment, pathos and cinematography. Every cut-scene, every conversation and every event was arranged as if the player was not playing, but watching an expensive space action movie.

And besides this, as in Asian games, the dialogues and the process of understanding the story through the characters were as fascinating as other aspects of the gameplay. Therefore, spending a couple of hours talking with the team and never firing a shot is the norm for Mass Effect.

Mass effect 1

In addition, the main feature of the series was the emotional attachment to the characters, which was clearly peeped from the eastern colleagues. Even for the most die-hard gamers, the party members and characters sympathetic to the hero became familiar by the end of the plot. Characters and relationships are such an important part of the composition that they were as worried about their development as about the fate of the galaxy.

The gameplay was a wild fusion of a classic RPG and a third-person shooter. Therefore, hurricane firefights quietly coexist here with a tactical pause and giving orders to the party. Of course, the jumble turned out to be majestic, so the combat system of the first part seems uncomfortable to many. The plot is similar to the mood of the main character. As he learned the secrets of great galactic politics, so the players with him slowly plunged into this thoughtful universe, amazed at its elaboration.

Mass effect 1

In addition, the first Mass Effect is the most exploration-oriented of the entire trilogy (excluding Andromeda). The locations here are really big, with multiple points of interest, and don’t look as gut-like as their sequel heirs. This effect is enhanced by the presence of huge (albeit empty) territories for traveling on an all-terrain vehicle, which will disappear from the sequels and will return only in Andromeda.


MASS EFFECT 2 (2010)

After the release of the first Mass Effect, BioWare was completely taken over by a giant called Electronic Arts. It’s hard to say how much it influenced the sequel, but in many ways Mass Effect 2 is an almost perfect sequel.

Mass effect 2

In terms of the dynamics of the gameplay, the game tried very hard to get rid of some sluggishness of the first part. In fact, starting with her, the series reoriented more completely towards the shooter, rather than trying to sit on all the chairs at once. Was it good for her? Let everyone decide for himself.

An unexpected plot twist brings Shepard and his team into an almost criminal world. Therefore, the mood of the narrative, like the graphics style in Mass Effect, is much darker than the original. The main motives that come across the player along the way were corporations, private armies, the powerlessness of the authorities and all that dark and depressing.

Mass effect 2

The research element, however, has practically disappeared. Missions on uninhabited planets have become just simple tasks in closed locations, and the ability to control equipment was returned only in the DLC. Nonetheless, Mass Effect 2 is the greatest star in the video game industry. Many consider this part to be the best in the series, and for good reason.


MASS EFFECT 3 (2012)

At one time, the excitement around the third part of Mass Effect was no less than at the release of the finale of “The Avengers”. For 5 years, gamers have wondered and dreamed of how Shepard and his team can finally save the galaxy from an invasion that they previously only pushed back.

Mass effect 3

That is why what happened in the end rightly caused … bewilderment. Of course, Mass Effect 3 cannot be called a bad product, but its quality has been and remains controversial. Everything in it is made as if the people who created the previous games went out to rest, while transferring to the hired workers the right to finish their work. Unfinished, raw and as if assembled from the pieces of the second part, literally everything is felt here. Locations, combat system, new characters and their characters. A minimum of innovations and general poverty in details complete the picture.

As befits an epic ending, Mass Effect 3’s story is epically pretentious.

The main motives, of course, were the war, losses, overcoming the death of friends and trying to live when everything is crumbling around. As a matter of fact, it is the plot that is the only unconditional advantage of the game. Even with “cardboard” decorations and weak acting, he keeps in suspense, giving a storm of emotions. And all this continues until the ending. ABOUTyou yourself know everything, but if you do not know, then you yourself must look and form your own opinion.

It is in the third part, however, that a unique system of plot choices reaches its climax, which were transmitted directly through the save system. All the characters come together to complete a huge adventure, which the player himself made up over the course of three games.

Mass effect 3

  • In addition, one cannot fail to mention the multiplayer that appeared for the first time in the series. The gameplay was simple as a stick, but the ability to crush enemies with friends could drag on for hundreds of hours.

That was the end of the Shepard team’s journey, but that didn’t mean there was no more room in the Mass Effect universe for stories about anyone else.



Mobile spin-off series dedicated to the fugitive Cerberus agent. The authors of the game tried to transfer the gameplay of the main projects to mobile devices as accurately as possible, which turned out pretty well for them.

Mass effect infiltrator

It would be possible to tell more about the game if it were not for the fact that it was created for early iOS and Android devices and is simply not available in modern stores of these platforms.

The game has been withdrawn from sale in official digital services


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“Andromeda” is currently the last representative of the series, the return of which had to wait five years. It was clear that Shepard’s story had nowhere to go, and therefore the game was devoted to the exploration of a neighboring galaxy – based on the name, Andromeda.

Mass Effect: Andromeda

And if those hundreds of years were enough for the arks of the colonists to reach it, then it is difficult to understand what the authors of the project lacked for their creation in everything to correspond to the name of Mass Effect. The game was released in just a terrible technical condition. Bugs, crashes, poor optimization and famous problems with facial animation – all this awaited players at the start.

Nevertheless, the game has its advantages. The combat system has become very dynamic and spectacular due to the ability to combine different classes and jump in all directions like a jetpack. The story itself and its emotional components remained at the trilogy level. No matter how ridiculous the party members or the new friendly race of the hangar may seem, their problems and ways of solving them by the player are quite capable of evoking genuine feelings.

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