Legacy of Kain Series – The Story of Two Villains Saving the World

Legacy of Kain is a well-known vampire game franchise that brightened up in the late nineties and early two thousandths and is almost forgotten today. But we have not forgotten, and in the article we tell you how the games deserved their attention at that time.

The idea of ​​the world of Nosgoth, in which the action of the series unfolds, belongs to the Canadian game designer Denis Dyak, the creator of the Silicon Knights studio. Back in 1993, Sexton contacted representatives of the publisher Crystal Dynamics and offered to collaborate on an “epic game.”

The draft title of the project was “The Pillars of Nosgoth”. Development took almost 3.5 years. During this time, the studios managed to polish the preliminary script to shine, saturating it with references and borrowings from Shakespeare’s plays, early Christian mythology, the fantasy cycle “Wheel of Time”, the horror cycle “Necroscope” and many other literary sources. This is how the first game in the Legacy of Kain series was born.

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Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain

In addition to a great script, released in 1996, first for the Playstation, and then on the PC, the game boasted an unusual concept of an antihero protagonist for games of that time. The survival of the GG depended on the killing of innocent inhabitants of the world – his health bar gradually diminished over time, and the only way to cure was drinking human blood.

The plot of the plot is the death of a young nobleman Cain at the hands of cruel robbers. Finding himself in the next world, our (anti) hero thoughtlessly accepts the offer of an insidious necromancer and resurrects already in the form of a vampire. Having dealt with the offenders, Cain finds himself involved in the intrigues of creatures as ancient as the world itself, and tries to restore the Columns on which the world of Nosgoth has been held for centuries.

Several types of melee weapons helped the hero to cope with the enemies, each of which had its own combos and special abilities (for example, the symbol of the game series, the Soul Thief sword inflicted huge damage and had the largest radius of action, but the mace at the end of the combo stunned people, which helped to drink their blood). Gradually, Cain mastered various vampire skills, among which there were 4 transformations – a bat, a fast and agile wolf, invulnerable to weapons and fog passing through closed doors and a deceitful form that allowed the pale and fanged vampire to successfully pretend to be an ordinary person.

The game was very warmly received by critics,

receiving ratings of about 8/10 points. The circulation, according to various estimates, ranged from 320 thousand to 2 million. With its cool storyline and dynamic gameplay, Blood Omen quickly became a legend. Unfortunately, after its release, the paths of the studios that created the game diverged, and Crystal Dynamics by some miracle managed to sue the rights to the franchise from its creators from Silicon Knights.

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Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver

Having obtained the rights to the sequel, Crystal Dynamics, contrary to the expectations of most critics, not only did not ditch the franchise, but even made it a little better. First, the game has moved to full 3D. And secondly, the studio managed to make the dark and rich history of the original even darker and richer.

Raziel, a former ally of Cain, who once angered the great vampire and was thrown into the Lake of the Dead for a thousand years, acted as the GG in the sequel. But the Elder God, one of the most powerful entities of Nosgoth, decides to use Raziel for his own purposes and resurrects him. Having received the task to kill the former master, our hero goes on a journey through the world that has changed during his absence, where Cain became the undivided ruler.

In terms of gameplay, the sequel retained the spirit of the original, but was full of innovations. The hero was able to move between reality and the world of Spirits, which allowed him to cope with numerous puzzles. Instead of drinking the blood of humans, health replenishment was realized by absorbing the souls of defeated opponents. The range of available weapons has expanded significantly, and the Soul Thief sword has received several cool new mechanics.

Critics rated the sequel even higher than the original, giving it ratings of about 9 out of 10 points, and sales in 2 years exceeded one and a half million copies. Many retro gamers still consider the second part to be the best in the entire series.


Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver 2

The third part of the series became a direct plot continuation of the second and tells the end of the story of the confrontation between Cain and Raziel. The story takes an unexpected turn – Cain turns out to be not such a monster, and the motivation of the Eldest God and his allies is not so blameless. In addition, Raziel eventually realizes that the insatiable spirit trapped in the Soul Thief sword is himself, who ended up there as a result of time travel.

Basic gameplay whenthis has hardly changed compared to the previous game, except that the Soul Thief added a few more mechanics, which made the rest of the weapon even more useless.

Most critics praised the even darker plot, but expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of progress in the gameplay. As a result, the average rating of the triquel was about 8.5 / 10. The game was selling well, but worse than the first two parts.


Blood Omen 2: Legacy of Kain

The fourth part of the series tells us the story of Cain’s ascent to the heights of power over the world, continuing the story begun in Blood Omen. Fighting the order of the Sarafans, vampire hunters, Kain loses control of the Soul Thief, is defeated and almost dies. The further plot is devoted to the history of his revenge and the acquisition of omnipotence.

The gameplay of the game was not much different from the two previous ones, except that instead of absorbing souls, drinking the blood of mortals returned.

In general, the plot of Blood Omen 2 was noticeably inferior to the intensity of the Soul Reaver sub-series. This resulted in a 7/10 average rating from critics and not very impressive sales.

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