God of War series

The game that started it all, Kratos’ debut adventure was a huge hit on PS2. The title struck a balance between the unsurpassed action of Japanese characters and Western taste for the spectacle, making the gore-drenched adventure very popular.

The combat system, story, and visuals were great at the time, but the game was certainly surpassed in later parts. However, David Yaffe’s accomplishments cannot be understated – how can you forget the excellent opening battle with Hydra?

The game has been withdrawn from sale in official digital services

GOD OF WAR II (2007)
God of war ii

God of War II looked so good that many wondered at the time why the 2007 sequel didn’t make it to the PlayStation 3. This episode is probably most remembered for Zeus’ betrayal, which sent outrageous anti-hero Kratos to revenge. , only to find out that the bearded deity is actually his father.

The second game in the series is packed with catchy plot twists and some tricky puzzles, and it really showed the power of the franchise.

The game has been withdrawn from sale in official digital services

God of War: Chains of Olympus

The series is known for its graphics and scale, so when Ready at Dawn was able to bring Chains of Olympus to the PlayStation Portable, the result was surprisingly good.

It was a great adventure, set before the events of the original, and told the story of Kratos as he tried to find the missing sun god, Helios. The developer took a step towards humanizing Kratos during the famous game scene where the hero reunites with his late daughter, but, unfortunately, the largely forgettable plot and brevity put Chains of Olympus at the bottom of the list.

The game has been withdrawn from sale in official digital services

God of war iii

Set in the immediate aftermath of the events of God of War II, the glorious God of War III has taken the spectacle to unprecedented levels. The first boss fight, in which the player has to fight against the Aquatic Stallion of Poseidon, is top-class, primarily because Kratos, sitting on Gaia, climbs Mount Olympus, and then kills the supreme god of the sea.

The game strictly adheres to the concept adopted by its predecessors on the PS2, and for this reason, it is not so impressive overall. The puzzles are smart, Hera’s labyrinths have also become quite memorable, and all this brings the player closer to the final, in which an amazing QTE awaits him, which lasts as long as you want.


God of war: ghost of sparta

God of War: Ghost of Sparta for the handheld console bridged the gap between the first installment of the series and its subsequent console-based sequels.

As with Chains of Olympus, the eternally ambitious studio Ready at Dawn once again attempted to humanize the cartoonish nature of Kratos’ character, introducing a family-based storyline, as the game featured a mother (whom he would of course kill) and brother ( with whom he fights side-by-side) of the hero. Such personal moments add depth to the series, and despite being released for Sony’s legacy portable system, the visuals are surprisingly good to this day.

The game has been withdrawn from sale in official digital services

God of war: ascension

Studio Santa Monica was clearly struggling to find new material from Greek mythology, however, while Ascension had many new ideas, none of them were as impressive.

For the first time in the series, multiplayer appeared here, but in the end it failed, and the plot and boss battles were not at all memorable. Yes, it remains a good action game, but for the money Ascension is the weakest part in the series, which showed a little excitement after the release of the game.

The game has been withdrawn from sale in official digital services

GOD OF WAR (2018)
God of War (2018)

The change in direction for the series has definitely worked, and God of War’s PlayStation 4 debut is the best part of the franchise.

New camera positions open up new gameplay possibilities as Kratos can throw his ax at unsuspecting enemies and strike with his bare fists. God of War (2018) is both a continuation and a relaunch of the series. The game has a touch of open world, which provides a vast sandbox to explore.


God of War: Ragnarok

Considering that God of War 2018 gave quite a lot of reasons to count on a sequel (and the scene after the credits pointed directly to the sequel), there was no doubt about its development. The announcement took place in the fall of 2020, and the release of the new God of War is scheduled for 2021 (but we would bet on 2022).

The exact name of the game is not yet known, but the subtitle Ragnarok has spread on the Web – according to the theories and hints in the teaser, this event and bwill be devoted to the plot of the new action. In addition, we expect the development of relations between Kratos and Atreus, as well as an even greater scope of events – in the end, there are still many Scandinavian gods that the main character has to deal with.

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