F.E.A.R. series

To begin with, I would like to talk about the Monolith company, which started in much the same way as Croteam did with “Serious Sam”. It was founded in October 1994, and not only produced games, but also published. These guys became famous for products like Blood, No One Lives Forever and, of course, the F.E.A.R. series. The most successful of their games can of course be called F.E.A.R., since no one has ever reproduced such a thing.


Monolith also worked on a cool redesigned Lithtech engine. Those guys who were involved in programming the engine itself later became a separate studio for Touchdown Entertainment. In 2004, Monolith Productions was bought by the people of Time Warner, so now the company is owned by a very powerful conglomerate that almost every inhabitant of the Earth knows about. Already in 2014, Monolith, together with allied studios, released another major Shadow of Mordor series, which tells about an alternative line of events for the Lord of the Rings … But that’s another story.

Point Blank is an online shooter that boasts a huge selection of weapons and tactics, as well as a variety of maps and even horror elements!


The F.E.A.R. series is undoubtedly considered the best of all Monolith products. Even the idea itself became unique, since there was not a single similar product before the release of the first game in the series. And in the film industry, you rarely find a movie where horror, fantasy and science fiction are combined with an action movie about special forces. But F.E.A.R. – it’s not just about special forces, but about an elite unit dealing with the problems of paranormal phenomena. In short, these special groups are designed to hunt demons, magicians, aliens and other villains who are eager to destroy our world.

F.E.A.R. Is not just a game, but a game with a telling name. Already read the acronym? See a familiar word? Yes everything is correct! Fear. Fear is the key factor in the entire series. Fear and horror always haunt the protagonist, constantly following him on his heels. And it was in this game that the effect of time dilation was actively used. Now let’s take a closer look at each product in this series, study its small and large nuances. Let us also remind that the F.E.A.R. goes exclusively to the single player.

F.E.A.R. (2005)

So 2005. What can we remember from the major projects of that time? Doom 3 with the add-on, Painkiller with its faithful add-on BOOH, Half-Life 2, Serious Sam 2, Dawn of War … What else? Oh yes, of course, the very first part of the legendary Fear series! It was then that we enjoyed truly breathtaking (for that time) graphics and simply insanely beautiful effects. The first part of the series amazed us to the core. And most importantly, horror, fear, blood, violence … Each level caused the effects of goose bumps.

In the first part of Fear everything was great, including, of course, the plot. The main line was dedicated to the elite detachment of US special forces, formed to fight aliens, sorcerers, ghosts and other reptiles who are always trying to grab a piece from our mother Earth. And then an accident occurs at the secret facility of the mega-corporation “Armachem Technologies”, which is involved in all sorts of illegal experiments with clones and magicians. A rapid response team immediately flies to the scene, and immediately falls into the whirlpool of events. The main character finds himself in the midst of a bloody battle with a monstrous evil that escaped from the laboratories.


We go through each level with great care. First-aid kits are not always enough, and enemies, as a rule, hit very painfully. The number of cartridges at the levels also needs to be closely monitored. Very often you come across various traps, from which you have to get out with great difficulty. And constantly this aura of fear and horror … Sometimes you walk around with a gun in your hands, rummage through the level and everything is quiet … And then bam, some terrible ghost passes right before your eyes. There are a lot of such moments here. The graphics and gameplay are just top notch. What is only bullet-time, the famous time dilation! For his sake, the hero must look for special capsules with adrenaline in order to increase his superpowers.

The plot, as already mentioned, is also considered one of the best. At the head of the evil forces are two strongest entities with superpowerful magical abilities. The first is Paxton Fettel, the laboratory archmage, commander of the experimental clone troopers. But the second enemy, perhaps, is stronger than all the opponents of Fear combined. The mysterious girl Alma will follow you at all levels and clearly will not want to let you unravel one of her most monstrous secrets.


F.E.A.R. Extraction Point

Extraction Point is the first official add-on for Fear, released in 2006. In fact, the graphics and animation have not changed at all here, do not even think. This addition should be called a minor rather than a major one. If the originalthe game consisted of a long storyline campaign, but here everything was shortened by about half. We have to play here for an old character who has already become familiar to us from the very first game.

In the final part of the previous project, we still destroyed Paxton Fettel, but Alma managed to escape into the unknown. Moreover, a gigantic explosion took place in the city, which did not allow us to reach our destination. So you have to help the hero find his comrades-in-arms and get out of the city engulfed in flames. You can complete the supplement itself in just one evening, as it is just insanely short. And the gameplay here is simplified to an incredible level.

F.E.A.R. Extraction Point

The skirmishes have become so simple that at times it seems as if you are playing some Doom 3. The number of first aid kits and retarders has become much more. Very often you can use the banal time stopping to destroy dozens of enemies. And if you do not want to change reality, then you can shoot them in the most usual way. If in the first part the outcome of the battle depended on the slowers, then here you can completely do without super gadgets. Hit, shoot, kill … What else do you need?

Of course, new enemies have been added here, but there are very, very few of them: you can only single out combat robots and drones. As for the rest, everything is the same, except that more horrors and fears were added. All sorts of unexpected moments have been added to almost every location. That is, in fact, all that can be said about this little add-on for the big titanium.


F.E.A.R. Perseus mandate

The second expansion for Fear turned out to be as simple as Extraction Point. The addon, released in 2007, received the interesting name “Project Perseus”. Here we have to play for the sergeant of the second group of a special department dealing with the destruction of foreign mold. The secret project “Perseus” and its data are very important for the command, but they are also important for the clones of Paxton Fettel and his sinister comrade Alma. Here comes a third party, headed by one of the US senators, who sleeps and sees himself in the position of the president of the country. His armies of mercenaries also infiltrate the secret base and enter into confrontation with absolutely everyone.

In terms of graphics and animation, everything is also the same here. The gameplay is also not very different from what we’ve seen before. On the contrary, it even became even lighter. It would seem, how much easier it is? And so already in the previous addon, the battles turned into some kind of Serious Sam. But the authors apparently believed that most of the players were inveterate noobs who did not know how to shoot and hide from bullets. But I was pleased with the new mode introduced into the game itself. After completing the campaign, the Arena of Death opens, in which you have to reflect the attacks of enemies, playing as one character. Within a certain time, you need to hold back several enemy raids. Again, this resembles one of the Serious Sam HD Fusion modes.

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