Diablo Immortal: everything we know about the game

Their next move is somewhat unexpected and not everyone liked it: they are targeting your smartphones with plans to spread their series about fighting demons and to them, with a game called Diablo Immortal. However, the transition from PCs to consoles, and then smartphones, has become quite controversial and is already splitting the community of hardcore fans of the game. We’re still undecided on our side, but we think Diablo Immortal can be a great antidote to all the disgusting Diablo clones that have flooded the mobile app stores, right?


  • What is it? Mobile version of the classic action RPG Diablo with touchscreen control.
  • When can we play it? An official release date has yet to be announced, but hopefully in 2019.
  • What can you play on? Currently announced platforms are Android and iOS
    Several Diablo Immortal trailers have been released, but Blizzard has been slow to share details. Since the announcement, we haven’t received as many official videos about the game as we would have liked.
  2. The game was presented with a spectacular cinematic trailer.
  3. This was followed by a video gameplay demonstration.
  4. Later, the developers presented an extended trailer with new game features.
  5. And at ChinaJoy 2020, they showed some more gameplay.
  6. The IGN portal also presented introductory videos for all classes.
  7. Finally, at BlizzConline 2021, the developers shared information on development progress and plans for the near future.

Diablo immortal

An official release date for Diablo Immortal has yet to be announced and is hiding behind a vague “soon”. We are hoping for a release in 2021, and if you believe the information that internal testing is in full swing, and regional tests will begin soon, you should expect that the release of the game is not far off. But it’s too early to talk about specific dates – as you know, Blizzard is extremely leisurely.

Diablo immortal

Sure, this is a mobile game, but for the most part it will be the same Diablo you already know and love, albeit with controls optimized for the phone’s touchscreen rather than a controller or mouse. However, gamepad support is planned, so players will have a choice.

The game is being developed by Blizzard in partnership with Chinese developers NetEase (the company that supports Overwatch, Diablo 3 and Warcraft in China), and will take place five years after the events of Diablo 2 and will focus on what happened after the destruction of the Stone of Peace and how it came to disastrous condition in Diablo 3.

Tyrael, Malthael, Leah and Deckard Cains and many others will appear in the story, including the demon hunters Valla and Jozen, who appeared in Heroes of the Storm. The enemies are expected to be Diablo’s friend Baal and Scam, Harbinger of Terror. The twists and turns of the story will be revealed through non-playable characters, and additional storylines will appear with updates.

Built from the ground up, Diablo Immortal features new moves and abilities never seen before in any Diablo game. All six classes are familiar to us – barbarian, demon hunter, monk, necromancer, crusader and sorcerer (there is no sorcerer yet) – but they will be able to work together in a completely new way.

Abilities can be combined to make cooperative play with different classes more interesting. For example, a sorcerer will be able to freeze an enemy with ice crystals before shooting a frost beam at them. When used separately, the frost beam and ice crystals hit only one enemy, but when the beam hits the crystal, it scatters and can cause damage to several opponents at once.

Diablo immortal

Melee and ranged attacks will also become more targeted – many attacks will have a cone of area of ​​effect, which will probably be useful when trying to implement combos like the one described above.

Another important change will be the number of players on one team. Previously in Diablo 3, it was four. But in the available materials on Diablo Immortal, you can see a dozen players fighting together against enemies. According to some reports, these large-scale battles will be limited to locations of the open world, while for special dungeons (and loot from bosses, which can be collected there), there will be a limit of four players.

In addition, Diablo Immortal will focus more on natural obstacles and platforming elements. In the gameplay video, they showed the levels where players descended into the abyss, fighting the forces of darkness, and floated down the river on a raft, fighting off enemies on the go.

As for the social aspect, here Blizzard plans to make players more dependent on each other, focus on PvE, but also give the opportunity to challenge each other in PvP events. The game will feature periodic events such as Halloween celebrations, and guilds will have an important impact on the state of the world.

Diablo immortal

  • Recent alpha testing, which was only for Australian players, hashid the Diablo Immortal system requirements.
  • For smartphones based on Android you will need:
  • Processor: Snapdragon 710 / Hisilicon Kirin 810 or better
    Video chip: Adreno 616 / ARM Mali-G52 and better
    RAM: 2 GB or more
    OS version: Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or higher
    For smartphones based on iOS you need:

iPhone 8 and above
iOS 12 and higher
It’s worth noting that these are prerequisites only and may change by release. Blizzard says it wants to allow as many gamers as possible to try out the game, and therefore will likely optimize the game for weaker smartphones.

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