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The Chronicle of Riddick universe is the same famous setting as the rest. So why not create a couple of games on it? But the matter was limited to just this very couple. There were only two official games in the setting – Escape from the Butcher Bay and Assault on the Dark Athena.

The universe is famous for its very extraordinary features. Despite the fact that the action takes place in the distant future, sometimes it seems that you are in the Middle Ages. As in the Middle Ages, chaos reigns here, pirates and mercenaries dominate, and space crusaders organize their campaigns against the “unbelievers.” And the same Riddick, the heir to the greatest furian civilization, takes part in all this.

Chronicles of Riddick

For some reason, in terms of games, the universe has not made much progress. Apparently, the reasons were financial, or maybe the game industry workers themselves did not have inspiration. Can you just imagine how many interesting things could be implemented in addition to two ready-made projects ?!

It would be possible to create a full-fledged strategy with the events of the Necromongarian War, a Dead Space-style stealth action based on the Black Hole, or just a Call of Duty-style shooter about a confrontation with the sinister Lord Marshal. There are a lot of ideas, but no implementation. And we only have what we have. It is lucky that at least some modifications for other games are released, otherwise the universe would have drowned in the abyss of obscurity and remained only on the pages of history.

Escape from Butcher Bay

The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay is an excellent first-person shooter with stealth action elements based on the setting of the famous Riddick. The project was created by Starbreeze Studios in alliance with partners from Tigon Studios. The game itself is a prequel to the famous movie “Black Hole”, and its events take place long before the Necromongarian War. Vin Diesel, who plays the role of Riddick in the films, also voiced him in the game and provided his appearance to the game hero.

If we recall the films about Riddick, then the main priority of the hero is exclusively hand-to-hand combat. He, like Conan the Barbarian, does not tolerate any magic or high technology. Brass knuckles, blades or your own fists – these are the main weapons of our interstellar warrior.

In the game, the developers brought the fighting style closer to the cinematic one. The game combines stealth with action, forcing the player to either fight with many opponents using small arms, then hide in the shadows and quietly kill all sorts of knight-like guards. An important part of the game is collecting bonus cigarette packs, each of which opens a certain chip in the menu, starting with the commercial for The Chronicles of Riddick and ending with the first chapter from the book of the same name by Alan Dean Foster based on this film.

  • Escape from Butcher Bay

    In the PC version, a special game mode called “Comments” has been added, where the player can listen to the comments of the developers telling how they created this or that moment. After the ending, it is given the opportunity to shoot at the enemies in the style of Front Mission Evolved: the main character gets into a huge walking tank and begins a massive massacre throughout the entire territory of the fortress.

The game has a special technology Normal mapping, which makes textures more voluminous and realistic. Also in the game the system of “smooth shadows” was used for the first time, which made the graphics more beautiful. In short, Escape from Butcher Bay was a success, and Riddick’s fans were not disappointed.

The game has been withdrawn from sale in official digital services

Assault on dark athena

The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena is a furious first-person shooter with elements of stealth action, made according to the setting of the same name. Dark Athena is both a standalone add-on to The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay 2004. Just as in the case of the previous game, two companies took part in the development of this one at once – Starbreeze Studios and Tigon Studios. Atari publishers approved and released the project in 2009.

Who is the main character of Dark Athena? Again, good old Riddick. As in the case of the first part of the series, Vin Diesel gave the character his appearance and voice. The voice acting of other characters in the main campaign was performed by equally famous actors – Lance Henriksen and Michelle Forbes.

The first half of the game is an almost complete remake of Escape from Butcher Bay, but with more beautiful graphics and animation. The visual component here is clearly at its best, and even now the game looks quite modern. That there are only detailed displays of spaceships, planetary cities and the characters themselves!

  1. Assault on dark athena

Dark Athena’s plot begins immediately after the events of the first part. It so happened that the mercenary Jones, who had originally delivered Riddick to Butcher’s Cove, helpedu and escape from there. On the ship, in a state of suspended animation, they find themselves drawn to the “Dark Athena” – a giant frigate of intergalactic mercenaries, controlled by Lady Gail Revas and her deputy Spinner.

Riddick manages to escape capture, free himself from the hands of sinister battle droids, and then find a way to acquire weapons. After that, his range of tasks expands significantly. Our hero will have to free the captives, including the former captain of the “Dark Athena”, as well as help the little girl Lynn, hiding in the hidden systems of the ship. In short, typical “Chronicles of Riddick” in space.

Previously, it was believed that Dark Athena will be both a remake and a sequel to Escape from Butcher Bay, however, the developers do not consider the game Dark Athena a full-fledged sequel. The authors planned to release another game from the series based on the Riddick universe, but they never succeeded. Dark Athena was the last project in the series.

The game has been withdrawn from sale in official digital services


As mentioned earlier, Riddick’s universe was never fully realized in the game part. Not only were only two games made according to the setting, but they are also not available in the official game services. However, modders and mappers do not lose hope and are doing everything to keep the universe somehow preserved. For example, quite recently, a whole series of mods was released on the Fallout New Vegas engine, reflecting Riddick himself and many elements of the universe. These mods have become quite popular with many players. And this is not surprising, because not everyone will refuse the opportunity to fight in the harsh

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