Canyon CND-CMP8 Mouse Pad Review – Really Large

A large mouse pad Canyon CND-CMP8, which belongs to gaming accessories, has become a decoration for my desk. Well, it really boasts of size, but its advantages do not end there, and I hasten to tell you about them.


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Width: 500mm
Length: 420mm
Height: 3mm
Upper: Multi-spandex fabric
Bottom: Anti-slip natural rubber base
Black colour

The Canyon CND-CMP8 is delivered in a rather long box, the height of which is 42.5 (!) Cm, which already gives the buyer an idea of ​​what is inside. This feeling is reinforced by the weight of the package, which is 0.5 kg.

Canyon CND-CMP8

Inside there is only a neatly wrapped and packed rug, and nothing else. No, I didn’t expect to see user manuals, but usually Canyon Gaming adds transparent stickers to its products, of which I already have a whole collection, and I expected to replenish it with another copy. A joke is, of course, uncritical.

Canyon CND-CMP8

The first thing that impresses the Canyon CND-CMP8 is, of course, the size of 500 x 420 mm. As a result, the rug takes up about a quarter of my table, and not only the mouse, but the entire laptop fits on it. It turned out, by the way, quite harmoniously and beautifully, but it all depends on the size and type of devices (for example, in the case of a desktop PC, you can easily place a keyboard and mouse).

The top of the mat is made of durable quality multi-spandex material, which ensures the maximum sliding speed of various mouse models. If this name does not tell you anything, then here is a small reference: high-quality suits for athletes are made from it, and the material itself was conceived as a substitute for expensive rubber in 1959, but thanks to its incredible quality, it was quickly used in weaving.

Canyon CND-CMP8

Indeed, the mat is very pleasant to the touch, and the mouse glides smoothly and without the slightest braking. The drawing is not very effective and in reality it looks dull.

Canyon CND-CMP8

In the lower right corner there is the Canyon Gaming logo, and I liked it much more than the main picture, and in the upper left corner there is a nice-looking orange tag.

Canyon CND-CMP8
Canyon CND-CMP8
The base is made of natural rubber, which provides it with an excellent hold. You don’t have to worry that during a tense match, the mat will move down by at least a millimeter. What is really there, even with the application of force, he moves on the table with difficulty.

Canyon CND-CMP8

Also noteworthy is the abrasion-resistant stitched edges. With the naked eye, you can see that the edges are stitched with high quality. This “detail”, incidentally, also prevents the accumulation of dust and generally increases the durability of the mat.

Canyon CND-CMP8

Having felt and examined everything, I was satisfied – the mat has its advantages and fits perfectly into my workplace, the anti-slip base will not allow it to escape because of my awkward movements, and thanks to the “multispandex”, the mouse slide is smooth and fast, and after that move the device to I really don’t want a table.

In fact, there are no surprises here – the Canyon CND-CMP8 did an excellent job.

I will not say that I became a terminator in Counter-Strike, but in such games where accuracy of movements is important, the rug is one of the main factors. Shooting has become more convenient and enjoyable, and the number of unpleasant situations when the speed of movement of the device has not been calculated has been reduced to a minimum. I also played the roguelike DandyAce, where accuracy also plays a role, and the impressions remained as positive.

Dandy ace

My work is not connected with any professional programs, so my impressions are not the same as from games. It just became more convenient and pleasant to move the mouse on the table, and nothing more. But I’m sure designers, for example, will experience the benefits of the Canyon CND-CMP8.


I was satisfied with the rug – the impressive size may confuse someone, but for me it became a plus, and I talked about tactile sensations and visual impressions when I described the unpacking process. It has become an excellent decoration for my desktop and an indispensable assistant in video games, and its cost is not that great – only 1,000 rubles at the time of writing.

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