Best Territory Conquest Games on PC

“Truly a passion for conquest is a natural and usual thing” – such a simple but accurate quote by Niccolo Machiavelli can describe the theme of our collection, in which we have collected the best games where you can try on the role of a conqueror and grab a tidbit of territory, be it a small land, a castle or a whole country. Such projects are saturated with actions, and the feeling that your power is growing is priceless.

First, we’ll talk about games where such mechanics have become integral (strategy and MMORPG), and then you will learn about projects in other genres, which will also allow you to experience the above feeling.

Total war

The leading place in this niche is rightfully occupied by a series of global strategies Total War, in which the player, being in various historical eras (and even in fictional universes), will take control of the state and try to bring it to dominance, conquering new territories. All games boast deep economic and political components, and battles that unfold in real time between thousands of soldiers will be imprinted in the memory for a long time.

We recommend paying attention to Rome’s dilogy about the formation of Rome (and Attila about its fall), Shogun 2 dedicated to the Japanese wars of the 16th century, Medieval II about knightly adventures and Warhammer, where the familiar setting is wrapped in a fantasy wrapper.


Sid Meier’s Civilization

Another legendary series worth paying attention to regardless of genre preference. It was based on the mechanics of the development of civilization from ancient times to the near future (and even the space age), and during this time the player leads one of the countries on the world map divided into hexagons. Victory can be achieved in various ways: by advancing technology, diplomacy, or, in the old fashioned way, by war.

If you like games with the development of civilization, then we are waiting for you in our other selection. Sid Meier’s Civilization, by the way, belongs to the 4X genre, and we’ll talk about it now.


Hearts of Iron

4X strategy is a whole subgenre of video games, the gameplay of which is much deeper and more difficult than in conventional strategies. The goal in them is still the same – to develop modest possessions, trying to break out into leaders on the global map and “absorb” their rivals, however, to achieve this goal, players often resort to non-combat methods: in 4X most of the time will be taken away by such matters as politics, economics , diplomacy, caring for their subjects and others, and they rarely resort to war. Games in these games can last for days, weeks, or even months in real time.

We advise you to pay attention to the creations of Paradox (the Crusader Kings series, Stellaris, the Hearts of Iron series), the brainchild of Amplitude Studios (Endless Space, Endless Legend, Humankind) and Warhammer 40,000: Gladius – Relics of War.


Ultimate General: Civil War

The authors of Ultimate General: Civil War tackle the rare theme of the U.S. Civil War that took place from 1861 to 1865. This is a tactical military strategy, which focuses on various battles of that time, be it small skirmishes or large-scale battles that lasted for several days or weeks.

Accordingly, most of the mechanics here are related to the war – for example, there is an innovative command system, the possibility of developing officers, advanced AI, the influence of the terrain on combat operations and historically accurate weapons. On the global map, you can also see which territories are under the rule and which have yet to be captured.


Company of Heroes 2

Company of Heroes 2 strategy is dedicated to the events of World War II, and here the mechanics of capturing territories are implemented quite interestingly. We are not talking about a global map, but about ordinary battles in which a dynamic front line is implemented – you always see and feel the result of your actions, whether it is a seizure of a building or an infantry breakthrough, and you can make appropriate tactical decisions.

Otherwise, this is an excellent strategy with its own chips (destructible landscape, dynamic weather, an abundance of units, network battles), which will definitely appeal to fans of war games.


Risk: Global Domination

Risk: Global Domination is a licensed game based on the board game of the same name, the goal of which is to capture a large number of territories on the world map of the Earth. Choosing one of the real-life conquerors, the player will try to bring one of the countries to world domination, playing by the rules of “Risk”. Note that this is not the first game adaptation of the board, but this multiplayer strategy is free, has colorful graphics and, judging by over 17,000 reviews on Steam, users continue to like it.


In MMORPG, the struggle for territories is carried out online, side by side with dozens and hundreds of users at the same time. Conquests and defenses of castles, guild wars and inter-server wars for territories – try to participate in this, andyou are guaranteed to get a charge of new emotions.

Lineage 2

If we talk about sieges in MMORPGs, then we should start with the classic Lineage 2, which popularized them.

The battles between clans on the server take place in several stages, and the attacking side must not only break through the defense of the castle, but also lead its leader into its heart, which adds interest to what is happening. The most interesting thing happens when several hundred players are trying to take possession of the dominant clan on the server. In modern Lineage 2, the mechanics have undergone a number of changes, but there is always a Linage 2 Classic.

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Guild Wars 2

Capturing territories in Guild Wars 2 is interesting in that the troops of both sides are divided into groups, and each performs the tasks necessary to achieve a common goal.

The fact is that the defensive side will need resources to strengthen the possessions, and for this, the troops must capture points with them and ensure their safe escort. The attackers, accordingly, must not only capture the castle, but also disrupt the supply of materials. The abundance of situations that arise with every siege with such a mechanic makes you return to the world of Guild Wars 2 again and again.



In the vastness of ArcheAge, there are many territories for the possession of which clans are fighting. The battles here are less intense than in the previous games described, but they will also satisfy the gamer’s demand for epics on his screen.

Battles unfold in a 70 by 70 format between clans in 37 territories (there are 38 in total, and one is inaccessible for capture), and the winner will be able to use the resources of the land and pump much faster. We also recommend paying attention to the game for sea content with pirates, ships and monster hunting.

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