Aliens: Fireteam – everything we know about the game

Although the game was announced back in 2018 (and in 2019 we were reminded of it), so far almost nothing has been heard about it. Here’s everything we know about Aliens: Fireteam, due out in the summer of 2021 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.


From the trailer, we can say that the game will almost certainly appeal not only to those who yearn for something like Returnal, but also to brave men in search of the horrors of Dead Space, fans of mass shootings of zombies in Left 4 Dead and, above all, xenomorphophiles – although it would be more correct tell the xenomorphobes – who have to see (and kill) a bunch of xenomorphs as colonial marines sent to Katanga. This is the name of the supposedly lost space station from which the distress signal came.

Aliens: Fireteam – everything we know about the game

The game will differ from Ridley Scott-style horror games and will focus on shooting at moving semi-intelligent targets, more reminiscent of James Cameron’s “Aliens”.

Despite the success of the latest serious game in the Alien universe, the horror horror Alien: Isolation, in Alien: Fireteam Cold Iron Studios intend to implement a dynamic cooperative action. You have to fight many alien monsters and other enemies, using a bunch of different weapons and spilling rivers of acidic blood.

Therefore, you will be afraid to go forward, not because someone suddenly might jump out at you, but because you can run into a crowd of xenomorphs. Although who are you to be afraid of, you are a hardened colonial marine.

Aliens: Fireteam – everything we know about the game

The variety of targets for shooting will be very large, as well as “brains” responsible for their intelligence.

In Aliens: Fireteam, you will find over 20 types of enemies, including some Weyland-Yutani synthetics and 11 different types of xenomorphs, from the simple and iconic face-hunter to the powerful Praetorian. In each mission you can fight different enemies – and one of them will always be some kind of xenomorph.

Naturally, for this diversity to work, unique artificial intelligence systems are required. Facehugger cannot act like the Queen. This is why different types of enemies will have different tactics. Preparing and studying the xenomorph bestiary will be rewarded.


Aliens: Fireteam – everything we know about the game

Of course, there will probably be a xenomorph runner crawling along the wall behind you, but that’s not what we mean. The key to getting through and surviving in Aliens: Fireteam is teamwork. You can’t endure hundreds of xenomorphs like Rambo alone.

To complete missions, you will need a team, which, in addition to you, will include two other colonial marines. If you don’t like living people made of bones and meat, then you can take artificial intelligence as your partners (fortunately, not from Weiland-Yutani). It should be noted that cross-platform play and local co-op will not be supported.

The company of friends will definitely be an advantage, especially for those who are not as brave as Ripley.

Aliens: Fireteam – everything we know about the game

To effectively deal with all the vast variety of difficulties, creatures and hostile technology on their way, the trio of Colonial Marines will require special training. This is where classes come in handy.

From the third person you can see fighters of one of five classes: shooter, technician, doctor, scout or demolition. They can be selected before the start of each mission. But do not forget – a brave demolitionist will not live long without a doctor, the doctor himself is unlikely to survive in a spaceship without a technician, and a scout cannot cope with a crowd of xenomorphs without a battle-hardened shooter.

These are just a few examples of how and why the classes will complement each other – players will have to use this to their advantage. The synergy between the three comrades is no less important than their individual abilities, so knowing the strengths and weaknesses of each class will come in handy.


Aliens: Fireteam – everything we know about the game

Go to alien ruins full of androids and xenomorphs, along with two other colonial marines, get to another place with a bunch of aliens and survive? Quite an interesting experience.

And the experience in the game really is. It can be used to level up your character in the optimal way, in your opinion, as in the good old RPGs. Add character customization and you have a special, unique marine, created by you. He will certainly survive, will not become a victim of a person-hugger and will not be torn into small pieces.

The gear will also support customization. As you progress, you can get or improve additional modules and sets for weapons, if you suddenly want to fry everyone from the flamethrower even more.

Aliens: Fireteam – everything we know about the game

The game will feature four story campaigns, set 23 years after the original Alien trilogy. INeach of them has a different environment and unique scenarios for you and your two friends, strangers or computer partners, which will allow you to create a real hell.

Of course, without replayability, this would all be incomplete. Naturally, campaigns can be played repeatedly, but you can be sure that you will be interested in playing even after completing them. This is guaranteed by special Challenge Cards that you can obtain.

Maps will give you access to various challenges throughout the campaign, for example, activating modifiers such as the mandatory kill only with a headshot. You can also add a variety of additional tasks to the game that will delight both veterans of shooters who adore danger and relaxed people who just want to learn the plot.

In addition to the four announced campaigns, Cold Iron Studios plans to release post-launch DLC and promises there will be no loot boxes or microtransactions in the game.

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